My name is Ruth and I live in London with my family and my scruffy wire-haired dachshund Sammie.

As far back as I can remember I’ve been a collector. It probably began with gathering chestnuts in the woods and shells on the beach like many kids. In Paris, where I worked in the museum world, I discovered the hunting grounds of the French brocantes and the beautiful embroideries sold there. The narratives locked within their threads enchanted me: a sampler that gives insight into a child’s life, monogrammed trousseau linens that reflect a young woman’s dreams and the unfinished part of an Uzbek suzani that symbolizes never-ending joy.

Little by little it dawned on me how much I wanted to be a link in that chain of craftsmanship that has passed from generation to generation but has also died out in some countries. I learned to embroider and started to produce scarves as well as cushions, curtains, curtain ties and lampshades for the home. In India, where the technical prowess is still spectacular, I encountered the craftspeople with whom I now work. Together we create joyful homewares and accessories combining their traditional skills with my colourful, contemporary designs.

The items here are produced in limited editions. The threadwork is stitched by hand and/or hand-guided machine and the beadwork is hand-embellished. Most items do contain beadwork (especially the scarves which tend to be heavily beaded) – but not those where beading wouldn’t be appropriate, such as articles that require frequent laundering or are destined for children. As they are handcrafted, variations between articles are to be expected – I’m happy to send additional photos of specific items if required.

Please get in touch, too, if you would like larger quantities or to work together to create bespoke items for gifts or special occasions such as weddings.

Ruth xx

Sammie, dachshund, in Normandy, 2016