Bamboo table linen – placemat, table napkin and cocktail napkins in purple and pink on white linen

Our table linen features simple designs in a variety of colours. The ‘Bamboo’ design shows a tiny element from the Butterflies & Bamboo cushion in the BEBETES collection.

These are stitched with a hand-guided machine on fine linen.

In this design we have embroidered the following:

  • a placemat measuring approx 33 x 45 cms
  • a table napkin measuring approx 45 x 45 cms
  • a cocktail napkin measuring approx 25 x 25 cms
  • a mini-cocktail napkin measuring approx 15 x 15 cms.

Originally we didn’t intend to keep this purple/pink combination as we already had purple/lilac and pink/maroon colourways, but it’s so sweet that we couldn’t bring ourselves to drop it – and, as every item is handmade to order, it didn’t really seem to matter.

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