Bees & Wildflowers cushion, blue, turquoise and pink (with pink flowers) on fuchsia pink dupion

The name of the BEBETES Collection comes from the French for Beasties and is the word my children used to describe insects when they were little. We lived in Paris and they attended the local French primary school just across the road. The Collection contains a series of designs that combine insects with plants.

We all love the industrious bees, symbols of community and of love, that work tirelessly pollinating the plants that nourish us. And how tragic it is that their populations are in sharp decline (particularly in the UK and the US) due most probably to chemical-intensive industrial agricultural methods. In these cushions, bees are depicted alongside some of the wild flowers amidst which they thrive.

The cushions are stitched using a hand-guided machine (not an automated process) with beads then added by hand.

100% silk dupion.

Lined with cotton. Zip closure at the back. 38 x 38 cms.

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