French Rose cushion (centred rose), ecru beads on sapphire blue dupion

“With freedom, books, flowers and the moon,” wrote Oscar Wilde, “who could not be happy?” The FLORA collection celebrates the beauty of flowers and the joy that they give us every day. In stitch and beadwork, it calls to mind the magic of the plants that bloom in our gardens. The collection includes ‘French Rose’, ‘Hua Flowers’, ‘Kyoto Spring’ and ‘Meadow’.

The French Rose designs show a classic timeless rose (with perhaps a slight Art Deco air). This large cushion (48 x 48 cms.) complements the cushion with a single large rose in its centre (also 48 x 48 cms.) as well as the smaller cushions which have a scattering of several small flowers  (38 x 38cms.).

This cushion is hand-embellished with a variety of beads.

100% silk dupion.

Lined with cotton. Zip closure at the back. 48 x 48 cms.


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