Hua Flowers table linen – tablemat, table napkin and cocktail napkins on maroon and pink on dove grey linen

Our table linen features simple designs in a variety of colours. The ‘Hua Flowers’ design shows a small scattering of flowers (without beads) from the cushion design of the same name in the FLORA collection.

These are stitched entirely by hand on fine linen, so each item is quite individual. The placemat and the table napkin have flowers in both the bottom left and the top right corners.

In this design we have embroidered the following:

  • a placemat measuring approx 33 x 45 cms
  • a table napkin measuring approx 45 x 45 cms
  • a cocktail napkin measuring approx 25 x 25 cms
  • a mini-cocktail napkin measuring approx 15 x 15 cms.
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