Ozqur Figs cushion, purple, pink and hematite on dove grey dupion

In the Ozqur series, I’ve depicted the fruit of sunny climes (figs, grapes, pomegranates) in a rather formal way, that is very loosely inspired by old Turkish illustrations.

Figs, present on every continent except Antartica, symbolize knowledge, enlightenment and fertility and they feature in the mythology of many cultures. Buddha gained enlightenment under a fig tree and the Hindu god Vishnu was born under one. The ancient Egyptians placed figs in their tombs as they believed them to be the favoured foods of the gods and Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves when they became aware of their nakedness.

The cushions are stitched using a hand-guided machine (not an automated process) with beads sewn by hand.

100% linen.

Lined with cotton. Zip closure at the back. 38 x 38 cms.

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