Ozqur Grapes cushion, blues and silver on white linen

In the Ozqur series, I’ve depicted the fruit of sunny climes (figs, grapes, pomegranates) in a rather formal way, that is very loosely inspired by old Turkish illustrations.

This embroidery includes shisha mirror work and beads that represent simple bunches of grapes. I read somewhere that the ancient Greeks (who of course worshipped Dionysos, the god of the grape harvest, wine, ecstasy and fertility) had a tradition of giving clusters of the fruit to newlyweds, as it was believed the seeds would bless the couple with many children.

The cushions are stitched using a hand-guided machine (not an automated process) with beads sewn by hand.

100% linen.

Lined with cotton. Zip closure at the back. 38 x 38 cms.

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