Ozqur Pomegranates cushion, green, yellow, orange and silver on white linen

In the Ozqur series, I’ve depicted the fruit of sunny climes (figs, grapes, pomegranates) in a rather formal way, that is very loosely inspired by old Turkish illustrations.

Pomegranates – irrestistible. Symbol of temptation and fertility, it’s hardly surprising that they’ve featured in embroideries across the centuries. Some scholars believe that Eve was tempted not by an apple but by a pomegranate. They were the undoing of poor Persephone in ancient Greek mythology too. Daughter of Zeus, king of the gods, and Demeter, protector of crops, she was kidnapped by Hades, king of the underworld, to become his bride in his dark realm. Her grief-stricken mother refused to let crops grow, causing famine on earth, and so Zeus ordered Hades to release Persephone. Hades agreed, but first he persuaded her to taste a few pomegranate seeds in the underworld and henceforth she was condemned to spending a few months there every year.  Hence our winters, when her mother Demeter mourns her absence.

The cushions are stitched using a hand-guided machine (not an automated process) with beads sewn by hand.

100% linen.

Lined with cotton. Zip closure at the back. 38 x 38 cms.

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