Spiders & Irises cushion, silver on aqua turquoise linen

The name of the BEBETES Collection comes from the French for Beasties and is the word my children used to describe insects when they were little. We lived in Paris and they attended the local French primary school just across the road. The Collection contains a series of designs that combine insects with plants.

Spiders make my daughters squeal – and maybe they do the same for you? – but I have a soft spot for them. Well, at least the friendly ones we get in England. Maybe it’s because I was raised on nursery rhymes like ‘Ipsy Wipsy Spider’ and became fascinated by the innumerable Daddy long-legs that tiptoed, both awkwardly and gracefully at the same time, across our window sills in Cornwall. The irises here are inspired by Japanese kimono designs and remind me of the dwarf irises that bring joyful bursts of colour to our gardens when winter feels like it will never come to an end.

These cushions are stitched with a hand-guided machine (not an automated process) with beads added by hand, so every one is different.

100% linen.

Lined with cotton. Zip closure at the back. 38 x 38 cms.




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