Thank you for visiting my website. Here you’ll find my collections of embroidered, timeless garments and accessories, designed for the free-spirited.

Where did it begin?

As far back as I can remember I’ve been a collector. It probably began with gathering chestnuts in the woods and shells on the beach like many kids. In Paris, where I lived for many years, I discovered the hunting grounds of the French brocantes and the antique embroideries waiting to be unearthed there. The narratives locked within their threads enchanted me: a sampler that gives insight into a child’s life, monogrammed trousseau linens that reflect a young woman’s dreams and the unfinished part of an Uzbek suzani that symbolizes never-ending joy.


The natural world – plants, insects, sometimes animals too. Antique embroideries and designs – particularly those of eighteenth century Europe and America. Beadwork from across the world – especially work from Africa and India. Art of the 20th century too – many years’ working as a curator in modern art museums got under my skin!


I design clothing and homewares including cushions, lavender pomanders and table linens. Most pieces start as sketches – scratched on the back of an envelope, on a whim, maybe in the middle of the night… I then work them up quickly into detailed ink drawings and sample the design in thread and beads. Running stitch, French knots, blanket stitch or bullion … these are my favourites. Nothing complicated. I love choosing the different colourways – there is something incredibly energizing about playing with colour. I work with a team of craftspeople in India where the technical prowess is still spectacular. They transform my dreams into reality.