Product information

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about these embroideries. I’d love to hear from you!

As the embroideries are handmade in small editions of each design and take time to produce, I only have limited numbers of any given design at one time. Each item is unique and, while we try to remain close to the general colourways indicated here, it may be that a design in, say, a green and yellow colourway is shown here with a yellow fig but this is then stitched in green. My embroiderers are happier with some leeway when they copy the designs, so please always double-check by asking for photos of exact items if you wish to be 100% sure of the colours. Also, as they are hand-stitched, occasional elements of human error – such as a missed stitch – are to be expected. We like to think they add to their character.

The fabrics used are natural and include cotton, linen, silk dupion, silk crepe de Chine, silk habotai and cotton or silk velvet.

Generally, we recommend dry cleaning only given the fragility of the embroidery and embellishment work. For the table linen, where there is no beadwork, washing is possible and the linen can be dried flat and ironed. As with much linen, a slightly crumpled look is not unusual.

Embellishment includes small beads or sequins and so embellished items should be kept out of the reach of young children.

Sizes are given in centimetres.

A 40 x 190 cms. scarf measures approximately 16 x 75 inches. A 25 x 150 cms. scarf measures approximately 10″ x 59″.

Table linen measurements: placemats are 33 x 45 cms. (c. 13″ x 18″); table napkins are 45 x 45 cms. (c. 18″ x 18″); cocktail napkins are 25 x 25 cms. (c. 10″ x 10″  ) and 15 x 15 cms. (c. 6″ x 6″). Table runners vary a little according to designs and are available in different lengths e.g. 45 x 128 cms. (c. 18″ x 50″) or 45 x 188 cms. (c. 18″ x 74″).

Cushion covers are made about 2 cm. smaller to fit snugly over cushion pads as follows: 38 x 38 cms. (c. 15″ x 15″) for a 40 x 40 cms. (c.16″ x 16″) pad; 48 x 48 cms. for a 50 x 50 cms. (c.20″ x 20″) pad; 38 x 58 cms. for a 40 x 60 cms. (c.16″ x 24″) pad.